Our Story

Ascot Aluminium started trading in October 1995, from premises in Maich Road, Manurewa. After 10 years at these premises it became apparent to Bruce Larmer, the original owner, that new premises were needed so a purpose built factory was constructed at 30A Noel Burnside Road, Wiri where Ascot still is today.

The premises provide easy access to motorway system and house an up-to-date showroom.

There are currently 22 staff at Ascot, 15 in the factory supported by a further 7 in the office, some have been there for many years including Cara Bailey, Office Manager, who has been at Ascot since the beginning.

The staff at Ascot are motivated to ensure a positive experience for all their customers, they realise that providing exceptional service is one of the areas they can differentiate Ascot from the rest. They are keen to A.S.C.O.T -  "Always Service your Customers On Time".

At the beginning of your association with Ascot you will be supported by the front office team including:

Cara Bailey - Office Manager
Jeffrey Sim - Sales Manager
Chau Pong - Residential Sales
Bruce Crockett - Commercial Project Manager
Nilesh Kumar - Residential Estimator

Once the quotes have been approved your job will be managed from production to installation by:

Graeme McGavock - Production, Delivery & Installation

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