At Ascot Aluminium we know that to provide you with the best possible joinery solution we need to source the best products and materials, that is why we source our products from the following companies and associated brands


Our door panels are super stable – because they’re made from aluminium they don’t swell or move in damp conditions. The solid foam inner core for all panels supplied is also a benefit from a thermal viewpoint - the transfer of cold to the interior is greatly reduced.

High resistance to forced entry is another positive. All doors can be supplied in dual colour panels, allowing homeowners to match interior and exterior colour schemes more seamlessly. Custom designs are also possible. Click here to go to our supplier site for more information


Attention to design detail, loads of features, and wide choice have earned Vantage windows leadership in the market. The mainstream residential range hits the sweet spot for most home-owners but it is just one of many choices available. Large spans, varying profile shape, special features and thermal efficiency all are available within the Vantage window portfolio.Click here to go to our supplier site for more information

VANTAGE®  Aluminium Joinery

VANTAGE®  Aluminium Joinery


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